Business Case Studies

AIRBUS Case Study: What does disruptivity mean for your product or service at the end?

Götz Anspach von Broecker, Key Account Manager German Space Research Institutions and ESA Technology Programs at AIRBUS Defence & Space, was part of last year’s DTIM Europe speaker panel giving a presentation on disruptivity. His presentation aimed to answer the question how disruptivity impact your product or service at the end – and what value chain you can own and offer finally. He shed light on disruptivity in history, induced by political change or by innovation.
Underlaying discusstion points were:

Has local/national policy an influence on my business?
What is necessary to protect my IP or my USP?
What is the role of technology/system maturation vs. certification issue w.r.t. to disruptivity?
Limits and opportunities of trans-branches networking ecape!
I change my value chain, my IP method my partners : how and into which direction shall I change
my project process?