Create The Ideal Digital Workplace With Alteryx


The way the workplace operates today will change dramatically within the next few years.

New analytic roles and a new analytics infrastructure will require new skills and new strategies. This white paper breaks down the research and shows you how to adapt to the future and prepare your workforce for the digital workplace

In this whitepaper, you´ll learn:

  • Which trends and new skills your workforce will need for the digital workplace
  • How to enable your workforce to learn the analytic skills needed for the transition
  • How Alteryx can make the digital workplace transition easier

Modern business is digital business, and digital business means analyzing a growing flood of data. Alteryx helps customers achieve outcomes from their data to create business-changing breakthroughs every day. From designing reliable forecasts in an unpredictable economy to developing fair and equitable compensation packages for employees, the daily business and societal challenges we face demand data-driven answers.

Our human-centered, engaging analytics automation platform unifies analytics, data science, and process automation together in one solution to help you harness that flood of complex data to quickly solve real-world problems.​

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