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Connecting IT & Enterprise Technology Survey 2015

We asked European CIO’s and senior level IT executives: What are future IT challenges, trends and technologies? And how will the role of the CIO change due to the progressive digitization? More than 300 IT decision makers from the areas IT architecture, IT infrastructure, IT security and Enterprise Mobility told us their opinion in the “Connecting IT & Digital Enterprise Minds study 2015”.

Key Facts

  • Cyber-attacks, privacy violation and associated compliance are the most important IT topics of the future.
  • While digitization is growing the required IT know-how for employees is rising steadily.
  • More than 50% of the polled industry leaders state that missing IT know-how of their employees is a major problem for their companies.

These are just a few insights provided by 2015’s Connecting IT & Digital Enterprise Minds study. Access the full survey report and learn more about challenges & trends, problems & solutions in the field of IT and enterprise technology. Just click Connecting IT & Enterprise Technology Survey 2015.

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