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Moments that Matter – Time to wow the consumer

Gastbeitrag von Frauke von Polier, COO People, SAP

Since the last episode of Moments that Matter, which focused on rethinking HR, we have come a long way on our quest to identify the Moments that Matter for our SAP consumers. We have listened to 200+ hours of stories from our consumers (candidates, employees, leaders, alumni), from all demographics and geographies, and analyzed over 35,000 feedback data points to truly understand what our consumers want. What really helped us to identify the Moments that Matter at SAP was the use of an empathy map. An empathy map works with four focuses: say, do, think and feel. When we analyzed the feedback data points, we understood what consumers say and do, but we rarely heard what they really think and feel. This is where we used ‘story listening’ to give us a holistic view on what the consumer actually experiences and thus, feels and thinks.

Let me give you an example: if you survey your employees about the offers around family services, you will hear if they find your parental leave process easy or if the “find-a-nanny”-platform works. When it comes to children and family, it is a topic that is loaded with emotions and fully intertwined with work. However, only if you listen to your employees’ stories about how certain private events affect their work, will you get a true picture of the moments that truly matter for them.

With all this input, we have pinpointed our first 10 Moments that Matter to our SAP consumers:

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While some of these moments are unique to SAP, others are universal moments that Gartner has identified, too, in its recent study. In any case, we need to do ‘proof of concept’, so that when we start heavily investing these Moments that Matter we can ensure that there lies empathy, human touch, and care within each moment. At that point, we will have an exponential impact on our consumer experience.

We have started experimenting with our first moments. We have all been there: a job application was rejected. It’s not the end of the world. But have you ever had an application rejected without ever receiving feedback? Or getting feedback weeks later in a non-personal way? Unfortunately, this happens often, but understanding now that there are so many emotions involved in “getting feedback during job application”, we cannot accept that anymore.

We prototyped, experimented, launched, iterated and re-launched personalized videos that are very empathetic in their language and personal in their feel. These videos contain the message that the application was rejected, but that the person is very valuable to us. We don’t have all the impact data yet and want to experiment further with other moments, but it looks very promising so far. I mean, having been part of the consumer goods industry for 14 years, I have seen the principles in action. However, I haven’t seen them transferred to internal customers and implemented in the HR space, yet. It’s exciting!

There will be more to see in the next and final episode: Moments that Matter – Time to shape memories.


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