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Opening Keynote: Where to start getting to know your audience

CiMi.CON Evolution is the world’s leading practitioner-driven knowledge exchange platform bringing together all stakeholders who play an active role in the corporate intelligence scene. This year for the 8th time CiMi.CON Evolution Europe will bring you the latest success stories, trends and challenges, opportunities to have meaningful discussions with your peers, as well as examples of technology implementation and intelligence delivering tangible results in enterprises.

Event day one of CiMi.CON Evolution 2019 will kick off with the keynote speech by Gregory Morris, Senior Brand Research Manager at Fomular 1, entitled Where to start getting to know your audience. In this presentation, Gregory Morris will elaborate on the experience of the past two years.

How to launch an insights function in a company like Formula One?
How to get to know your audience?
What are the challenges in gathering audience insights for Formula One?
What creative approaches are used to get the full understanding of the audience and brand sentiments?

About Gergory Morris:

Gregory Morris is Senior Brand Research Manager at F1, having joined the company in May 2017 with a remit to deepen F1’s understanding of their fan base and how they engage with their sport. Greg freely admits he was something of a lapsed F1 fan himself – personal experience which he hopes is proving valuable in this role! Greg has 13 years’ experience in research, mostly at Media owners such as Sky, Fox and RadioCentre.

About Formula 1:
Formula 1® is the greatest racing spectacle on the planet, with more than half a billion fans following its unrivalled mix of guts, grit and glory world-wide. But F1 is also a team of brilliant individuals, working together to deliver the global phenomenon to the masses – the 11th Formula One team. So what do they do at the race? The most visible activity is just that – visuals. At each event, they provide the technical infrastructure needed to deliver timing services, on board cameras, data acquisition, production of the international TV feed, as well as post-production of content across each grand prix weekend and the official F1 App and F1TV. Over each race weekend, they also have a team of diligent individuals analysing and monitoring data, providing content for their social media and digital platforms and supporting the live broadcast back in the Remote Operation Centre, based in their Media and Technology Centre. Behind the scenes, there’s so much more going on. Trackside, they provide exceptional hospitality programmes for guests to get up close to the sport and its stars, they look after trackside advertising, graphics, and organise and facilitate the hugely popular FanZones. Meanwhile, back at ‘home’, they’re busy prepping for the next races and creating innovative content ideas and building new networks to bring the excitement of Formula 1 racing to new fans across the globe.

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01 – 02 July | Palace Hotel Berlin, Germany