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“Talent intelligence will become more critical for organizations and their HR departments” | Interview with Marlieke Pols, Philips

Marlieke Pols | Talent Intelligence Analyst | Philips

We talked to Marlieke Pols, speaker at ScaleUp 360 HR Tech Europe, why Talent Intelligence becomes more and more critical for organizations and their HR departments.

we.CONECT: What are the current challenges in your working environment that fascinate you most?

Marlieke Pols: The continuous changes that organizations are facing results in HR constantly having to adapt and to ensure adequate support for business transformation and growth. Organizations need to grow their business, and they need the right talented people to achieve this. However, our organization is not the only organization looking for the right talented people. The challenge to find the right skills and the right location is the challenge that fascinates me the most currently, and the major part of my job.

we.CONECT: What kind of technologies are you implementing/planning to implement in order to foster HR Transformation?

Marlieke Pols: Technological advancements have ensured a broader product landscape for Talent Intelligence, which provides more data than we ever had. Currently, there is access to major analytical infrastructures that were not available years ago. By using technologies that analyze the external labor market such as Talent Neuron and LinkedIn Talent Insights, we can use precise and compelling data to back up business decisions that are crucial in our HR and company transformation.

we.CONECT: What do you think are the biggest hurdles and opportunities with regard to successful technology implementation in HR?

Marlieke Pols: The biggest hurdle is the accuracy and the availability of data. Convincing people to conduct evidence based research before making strategic business decisions is the greatest opportunity.

we.CONECT: AI, automation, robots – we hear a lot of those buzzwords lately, also in context of HR. How will these technologies transform HR in the future?

Marlieke Pols: In my opinion, and this is also something that came out of our Talent Intelligence whitepaper, will Talent Intelligence – the use of data regarding the external labor market – become more critical for organizations and their HR departments. There will be a general upskilling amongst HR and Talent Leaders in how to interpret data as well as Talent Intelligence upskilling to become real experts. Building partnerships with corporate strategy teams and other departments, – such as People Analytics- will become more critical, as well as increased levels of automation within the Talent Intelligence field. Overall, the advantages of external market data related to the workforce will become increasingly more critical for organizations to prepare themselves for the future of work.

we.CONECT: At the ScaleUp 360° HR Tech Europe 2020 you will speak about the topic “Talent Intelligence Benchmark Study: What is it, who is doing it, what’s the market?”. What are the top 3 takeaways of your webinar session?

Marlieke Pols:

This is interesting for everyone who would like to know more about Talent Intelligence and the possibilities around this.

  1. Why the need for Talent Intelligence?
  2. How can Talent Intelligence bring value to your organization?
  3. Talent Intelligence trends
we.CONECT: Thanks a lot for the insights, Marlieke Pols

Marlieke Pols is a speaker of ScaleUp 360° HR Tech Europe!

Webinar topic: Talent Intelligence Benchmark Study: What is it, who is doing it, what’s the market?

Webinar description:
This session will illuminate the term Talent Intelligence and how to define it. What’s the current state of Talent Intelligence at Philips and other cross-industry players? And what tools to use when you want to start collecting and analyzing talent data and trends to influence your own talent strategy?

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