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Transforming today’s world – The DevOps Hackathon

Nowadays we’re constantly striving for change, for measurable improvement, for anything that will enhance our everyday life. One evidently working method to develop new or optimise already existing tools which are used at a company or in day-to-day life are hackathons. Over the past years they have become more and more mainstream. You will find coders, interface designers, UX specialists and others with an interest and knowledge in the field gathering, to step out of their normal roles and skill sets to develop, design and hack creative solutions for the latest to keep up with current technology challenges.

But why “hackathon-ing” by yourself if it’s only a matter of time until someone else will develop something to ease the usage of a certain tool? Well, that question is easily answered. Besides the consequently amazing feeling you probably get from creating something new that originated from your inventiveness, hackathons are often used by employers as a recruiting method to find skilled people, which are able to perform and focus under pressure. Simply put, they are a great way to showcase your ability to work in a team and come-up with something prodigious in a given timeframe. And above all, they are a great occasion to meet new people and expand your professional network – the reasons for participating in Hackathons are endless.

The rising need for DevOps

With an increasingly dynamic and competitive business landscape, new business models and offerings became a common part of our business life. New software innovations are constantly creating new value across all industries, which is why the investment for innovation is practically obligatory for companies. There is virtually no way around the integration of DevOps. If one wants to fuel the need for a faster release of application updates and accordingly become better at developing and realising software, the investment in DevOps is mandatory. By bringing the benefit of a greater developer productivity, a higher operational efficiency and an improved user experience through continuous feedback, DevOps gradually become the standard way of working. The movement and culture is anything but set in stone, though it’s an ever-changing process of improving the collaboration and productivity by automating workflows and continuously measuring application performance.

The programming sprint-like event

If you had 24 hours and the full technological resources to build a prototype, tool, app or website that can embrace a DevOps mind-set with regard to people, process and tools that can help a business deliver higher value faster to customers, what would you create?

On the 23rd of April, as part of the Delivery of Things World conference and in cooperation with Codecentric, we are organising a 24h Hackathon in Berlin, addressing the latest technology challenges in the DevOps work. Get involved now and code something awesome.

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