Walmart Keynote: How to transform Retail Enterprises in a Digital World

Pavan Pidugu, Leader of Global Store Technology Transformation at Walmart International, held a keynote at the Rethink! Internet of Retail Minds on how to transform traditional retail enterprises in a fast changing digital world.
Many bricks and mortar companies are undergoing a number of disruptions caused by the emergence of new technologies, greater use of the internet and mobile by customers and the increasing desire from customers to be in control of how and when they interact with the store.
In response to this, many companies is extending its customer journey out of their stores, on to customers ‘devices and into their homes, using innovative IoT technologies in store and personalising customer interactions.
Pavan addressed the following questions during his presentation:

  • How are big enterprises responding to this change?
  • How are they using IoT technology to meet customer needs?
  • What technology choices did they make to implement this transformation?
  • What impact are these choices making on its core infrastructure and cloud based systems?

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