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Zscaler CISO Michael Sutton: Security outlook for 2016

According to Michael Sutton Android can no longer ignore the fact that almost all global mobile infections are targeting their platform. He expects the company to be much more aggressive going forward and to take steps to increase security. Mr. Sutton also predicts that potential attackers will move away from targeting financial information and instead begin to target personally identifiable information (PII). PII is said to be more valuable than credit card data, which is getting more challenging to obtain, as credit card theft is already a topic with greater awareness.

Key Facts

  • Google needs to crack down on third party app stores and apps not checked by the Google Play submission process.
  • Cyber attacks by terrorists will increase due to industries reliant on computerized systems.
  • Criminals are shifting to PII as it can be leveraged to commit financial fraud.

The full paper includes several crucial IT Security issues for 2016. Get prepared for what is coming this year and download the whitepaper “2016 Security Predictions from Zscaler CISO Michael Sutton” here.

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