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AMI Software: From Battlefield to Boardroom

The battlefields of the 19th century and boardrooms of the 21th century do have a lot of things in common. In both frameworks one needed effective decision-making driven by timely information being put into the hands of decision makers. The aim is to develop raw information into intelligence. This also applies to data created and moved across the internet – which coined the term “Internet Intelligence”. This white paper illuminates the exploitation for business advantage of the entirety of the Internet, because this is what Internet Intelligence is mainly about.

Steps of the "Framework of Operations"

  • Deep Operations: The purpose of deep operations is to shape the environment and create the conditions for future success (Business Development, Sales).
  • Rear Operations: Logistics, command and communications to sustain the force and maintain the organisation (HR, Risk Management, IT).
  • Close Operations: Activities that generate revenue for the business like service delivery and the manufacturing process.

Download the full white paper and learn everything about the application of internet intelligence across the framework of business operations.

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