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Case Study: Building the License Compliancy Framework at Proximus

At last year’s SAMS Europe Eric Opitom, IT PMO Resources and Vendor Management at Proximus plc., held a case study about building a license compliancy framework. During his presentation “5 Steps to Compliance: Building the License Compliancy Framework at Proximus”, he focused on the license management process, pointing out main attention points and pitfalls.

He also referred to the following key aspects:

How to build a process that ensures the right compliancy of your software and avoids financial risks?
Who needs to be involved in your organization and which roles are needed in a License compliancy process?
What are the required implementation steps: The Proximus 5 steps plan?
What are the main attention points and issues you can face during the implementation?
How to involve your suppliers to make the process effective?