The Impact of IoT on Retail – Interview with Hauk Landsverk, Elkjøp

Hauk Landsverk
Head of Digital and Omnichannel Business Development, Elkjøp Nordic SA

Hauk Landsverk
Head of Digital and Omnichannel Business Development, Elkjøp Nordic SA

We sat down with Hauk Landsverk from Elkjøp to speak about the impact of IoT on the retail industry and his expectations of the Rethink! Internet of Retail Minds this June where he will act as the conference chair.
Hauk has successfully led the digital transformation of Elkjøp, changing the organizational mindset, business processes and development of a traditional retailer into a fully omnichannel operation. Elkjøp has been honored the 2016 Outstanding Digital Leadership Award and Retail Technology Awards for its implementation of outstanding and innovative information technology solutions in retail. Described as a strategic visionary, Hauk specializes in customer-centric digital transformation, reshaping traditional businesses to meet changing customer expectations across all channels.

we.CONECT: Where do you see IoT and its technologies creating the most impact in the retail industry?

Hauk Landsverk: Payment, logistics, and conversational commerce.

we.CONECT: What do you consider the biggest challenges in your field at the moment when it comes to the adoption of IoT in retail?

Hauk Landsverk: App adaptation and lack of standardization.

we.CONECT: How will/can AI-based logistics changes the retail eco-system?

Hauk Landsverk: AI will bring efficiency and precision to the logistics chain, freeing up human resources to use on creating better customer experience.

we.CONECT: How do you see the next 5 years evolving? What role will IoT play?

Hauk Landsverk: In a super-rapidly changing world of retail tech, it does not make sense to try to predict 5 years from now. Next 2 years, the ubiquitous prescence of sensors providing input to decision making.

we.CONECT: Will the IoT enable new business models or new business applications? What do you think – how will they look like?

Hauk Landsverk: As everything becomes connected, there is huge potential for retailers to build closer relations to customers through customer insight and relevance. Monitored devices and purchases can be used e.g. for automated ordering of recurring purchases.

we.CONECT: In your company, how are you implementing or taking advantage of the IoT?

Hauk Landsverk: In-store navigation and analytics, conversational commerce, smart home systems.

we.CONECT: What expectations do you have regarding the Rethink! Internet of Retail Minds 2018? Which outcomes and benefits do you expect to gain from the exchange with participating companies?

Hauk Landsverk: To get more perspectives on our common possibilities and challenges.

we.CONECT: How do you handle cyber security issues regarding IoT in retail (customer data)?

Hauk Landsverk: We leave it to the professionals. In our case, to Microsoft Azure.

we.CONECT: Which burning questions would you like to discuss with the conference community?

Hauk Landsverk: GDPR – burden only, or opportunity too?

we.CONECT: Shout-outs: Any sites/people/articles or books that have inspired you lately?

Hauk Landsverk: Alibaba’s “New Retail” technology stack – powering e.g. Starbucks’ new flagship outlets in China.