Challenge your Peers: How AI and Machine Learning Are Helping Drive Digital Transformation

At the Rethink! IT Europe 2018 (18-20 April) in Berlin, Ross Tsagalidis from Stockholm University moderated a Challenge Your Peers Roundtable on the topic “How AI and Machine Learning Are Helping Drive Digital Transformation”. Ross summed up all statements and conclusions to a brief report to filter the most important learnings from the session.

Key topics of the Challenge Your Peers Session:

  • How to leverage AI to make the best use of data?
  • Data challenges for digital transformation and successful decision-making?
  • Data security issues in implementing AI?
  • Re-inventing the business model and product portfolio based on analytics

Discussion notes and conclusions:

  • Technologically progressive countries are being transformed by artificial intelligence and digitisation, particularly in areas such as education and public safety (law enforcement, ambulance, fire and other emergency services), as well in health care.
  • Organisations need enthusiasts to promote, advocate and execute AI strategies, while the executive team has to provide resources in the form of capital (for deploying AI technologies), people (high-skilled labour), and time (for learning).
  • The critical communications technology i.e. mission-critical communications between different public safety agents, is to consider as one of the priorities to be on their agenda.
  • Private organisations/enterprises face difficulties to get i.e. patient data for developing new businesses. Trust and lack of willingness to collaborate keep partners apart.
  • The GDPR probably could open new opportunities for better understanding for each other’s needs of sharing info and promote new business opportunities.
  • AI could improve analysis of images; smart phones could interpret video imaging in real time.
  • Self-driving cars, analysis of vast amount of medical data could support MD’s diagnosis both in health care premises as well at home.
  • Voice recognition and natural language technology could lead us to speak to a computer like we talk to a human.
    Analysis of telecom traffic could disclose abnormal behaviour in the networks and thus provide effective and time reducing service activities.
  • The mining industry could use AI (machine learning, deep learning) for effective and efficient logistics, tracking and leading autonomous vehicles deep in the ground.
  • Human decision making could be replaced due automatization and digitization. Better decision making? Or a combination of technology and human capabilities with analytical processes.
  • Security will gain advantages against threats caused by malicious users in the Internet using AI technology for analysing data gathered for the purpose.

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