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Clarizen Executive Report: Buyer’s guide to Project Management Software

Selecting a project management solution isn’t easy and you can face some difficult considerations:

  • How can you match internal needs with solution capabilities, not just today but as you grow?
  • What should you look for to determine if a solution will be easily adopted or not?
  • What are key integration and configuration considerations?

These are just some of the questions you may be struggling with. In order to help you to make the right decision, Clarizen offers a free executive report on the strengths and weaknesses of traditional project management tools. This buyer‘s guide also provides you with a checklist of the most important questions you need to consider when making your decision

When considering an on-premise or an off-premise solutions you must take into account the benefits and the costs of such a solution. For on-premise solutions it is important to know the upgrade policy, the support policy and the overall total cost of ownership. Given the advantages of hosting a solution elsewhere, today’s enterprise often opts for SaaS solutions because of the convenience, flexibility and ability to easily scale and support remote and international teams. For cloud-based solutions, you need to ask about security and compliance of the specific vendor and understand how configurable the solution is to your specific business processes. It is critical to know how adaptable an off-premise solution is and what level of automation it provides. Another important consideration for any solution is the overall time to value. Not every solution is quick to implement or demonstrate value. Doing the due diligence and discovering what a typical implementation looks like is important in organizations where there is pressure to gain immediate ROI from a software investment.

Download the full report now to learn more.

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