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Code Name: Dev {FinTech} Ops

2016 saw a growth spurt in FinTech – a true coming of age story. And as new technologies disrupted the norm and are here to stay.

And this increasingly collaborative environment is paving a way for the rise of collective; and this journey has seen a rise in number of FinTech Conferences. These conferences provide an extremely valuable opportunity for the professionals from tech, banking and fintech; alike – to network, to learn to contribute and realize – we are all in this together. Technology is an ever growing nebulae of brands and tools and it has already proven itself. Now, it’s time to get it to work to make our lives simpler. There is an inherently identical design pattern to each of our stories; similar growth pangs, similar challenges of tackling the culture more than getting the technology right.

One such way of life, methodology, attitude with an aptitude for success – is DevOps. That and other satellite challenges like regulatory and compliance, geographical and other diversities; under which DevOps needs to work was the core theme of FinTech:Code 2017 in London on 16th and 17th March, 2017.

Designed and delivered by we.CONECT; a Berlin based new age with a proven track record – Business Event organization. The conference was an eclectic spread of Talks, Graphic Recording, Round Table Exchange of Ideas, Panel Discussions, World Café’s – a nouvelle idée – scrum like huddles to discuss a few of the challenges of any organization in the middle of marrying Dev and Ops – successfully. Chaired by distinguished industry experts like of Mitch Pirtle of Capital One and Bart Buter of ING DIBA and with a marquee lineup of Tech Partners – GitHub, xMatters, Prysm, Puppet, Atlassian, Chef and attendees and speakers from the likes of : ING, Nordea Bank, Capital One, Allianz, Credit Suisse, Travelex, Barclays, Erste Group, HSBC etc – the event was well represented by the Tech and Finance world.

FinTech:Code 2017; was a success as an event and an eventful collaboration for all its participants.

About the author:

Neerja leads DevOps Transformation for HSBC Digital Solutuns globally. She joined HSBC 6 months back from a Tech start up Collotech, where she was heading Business and Technology. Prior to Collotech, Neerja has had a 20 year career across BT, Avaya, Nortel and Vodafone. Within these organisations she has been instrumental in setting up offshore R&D and presales practices. She has always been focused on customer centricity of businesses and enabling technology to achieve it. At HDS – apart from running DevOps philosophies, being an AI and alternative computing enthusiast, she also supports and sponsors Innovation Agendas.

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