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DSM Sinochem Case Study: Cloud services as complementary services?

How can a way into the cloud look like? At the XaaS Evolution Europe, Matthieu Cijsouw and Robert Jan van der Horst talked about the experiences they made during the DSM Sinochem Pharmaceuticals cloud journey. In their case study with the title “Cloud services as complementary services? The way into the cloud: experiences and perspectives”, they gave their audience deeper insights in the following viewpoints:

How digitization changes the entire company as well as the IT department
The transformation of an original full-service provider into a bimodal IT and design of an IT with two speeds and different task fields
Important tasks of the classic IT department: increasing purchasing and orchestration of external services
Essential to consider: The use of cloud services – The question is not whether, but what, when, by whom and for what
The IT perspective 2020 of Germany: a framework for the approach to the cloud with different possibilities of use, the concrete use of the first cloud
Services and an efficient set-up of the IT, which functions flexibly, can react and deliver quickly to innovations

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