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How is the Internet of Things opening Possibility in every Sphere?

Originally written by Rachael Everly
Do you think our forefathers would have ever imagined us being able to communicate with those miles and miles away from us, that too at the very comfort of our couch? It must have been something hard for them to envision.
The Internet of Things, also known as the IoT is an innovation that is redefining the way our industries operate. It has changed the face of iOS and Android app development and the way we use mobile apps and devices. In fact, it has accelerated technology revolution. While most of us have probably heard or read about the Internet of Things, however very few of us are actually familiar with the endless possibilities that it is opening in every sphere.

Understanding the Internet of Things

Still wondering what the “Internet of Things” actually means? While, as easy as the term sounds the concept behind it is a little twisted. The “Internet of Things” involves connecting a gadget or device (with a power switch) to the web or to another similar device. From your fitness tracker to cell phones to coffee machines to headphones to anything and everything that functions in a similar fashion, all fall under the concept of the “Internet of Things.”
The Internet of Things is the name given to the idea of having a system of interrelated computing devices, machines and other objects that can transfer information through the web without the need of human interaction. While the Internet of Things limits the need of having a human to be physically present when getting a certain task accomplished, it is also pushing us in a new direction and open avenues that we had never imagined.

How is the Internet of Things significant?

The Internet of Things is opening doors to endless opportunities on all fronts. While, something as simple as your alarm clock, being able to signal your toaster to toast your bagel or your coffee machine to brew your morning cup of Joe, the Internet of Things is determined to make accomplishing daily tasks easier than ever. Here are five areas that can significantly benefit from the Internet of Things:

1. Businesses: Data capture/data collection

Business owners and marketing experts are always on the hunt for data based on their target audience. With the IoT in the picture, it has become easy for businesses to connect with their consumers. Moreover, with the increased usage of devices, businesses are now able to track and record patterns and activities of their target audience and make a recommendation to them in a rather innovative way.

2. Healthcare: Personalized care

The IoT has opened doors to a wide range of areas in the field of medical sciences that can benefit from this technology. However, the idea of receiving personalized care based upon the data record by a device that remains with you 24/7 doesn’t appear to be very farfetched. Wearable technology has started to gain its popularity over the past year and is believed that while in the next few years wearable technology will become much more affordable, doctors can help make use of these gadgets to monitor conditions of their patients and be able to treat patients remotely.

3. Health & fitness: Real-life fitness classes

The IoT is opening possibilities that extend beyond your Fitbit. With the introduction of technology that helps the user to attend real classes, by real trainers from the comfort of their homes is redefining how the fitness industry operates.

4. Agriculture: Maximizing resources

Farmers are continually faced with issues such as unpredictable weather conditions, water shortages and limited access to all the resources they need to ensure a steady crop yield each year. The IoT combined with the expertise of those with clear knowledge and understanding of the agricultural industry have been able to open doors to innovations that promote an increase in the quantity and quality of agricultural products.
Farmers are now able to make use of remote sensors that monitor the moisture present in the soil. They are also able to control and manage their crops from anywhere in the world. Interestingly, farmers can now receive more accurate weather predictions, all due to the invention of IoT.

5. Fashion: Customization of products

There is nothing more special than possessing the ability to be able to customize your home, cars, and clothes. Thanks to IoT, the fashion industry now offers service such as NikeID that allows customers to customize their products; from selecting a base structure to choosing colors and graphic prints that goes on the product. While this is only the beginning of how the fashion industry is utilizing IoT, we wonder what else may be headed our way.
While these are only a few of the vast number of avenues that are enjoying all that IoT has to offer, it is believed that IoT is bringing the future to us at a rate faster than we had imagined. The bottom line is that IoT is truly opening doors to new developments and is opening possibilities in every sphere possible.