Survey Report: The current State of the Marketing Space

we.CONECT consulted 230+ CMOs and marketing experts from leading international companies to capture the current state of the marketing space. What are the consequences of the digital transformation and how does it impact the role of the CMO? How are innovation strategies, brand management and omni-channel customer experience handled today or in the future? Our survey respondents define the trends and challenges with regard to digital marketing.

Key Facts (Extract):

More than 80% of the polled decision makers stated that the digital transformation is currently impacting their role very much.
Lead Generation / Data Management, Mobile & Social Marketing and Marketing Automation are given the highest priority for the next 5 years.
36% of the companies outsource their digital marketing to an agency or consultant.
Content Marketing is the most important component for the marketing strategy (74%) followed by Social Media (67%) and Search Engine Marketing (66%).

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