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Take part in our Competitive and Market Intelligence Survey

What are the greatest challenges in creating and implementing a competitive intelligence system within the organization? Which opportunities do you see? What are the trends and developments that will define the CI & MI function in the upcoming years?
We are currently conducting a survey among cross-industry Competitive and Market Intelligence experts to get insights about the current state of CI processes & methods used in companies across America.
Fill out the survey here: Competitive and Market Intelligence Survey
We would be delighted to find out what you think.
The survey is designed to ensure a maximum of anonymity. It’s a safe space, where you can share your thoughts. You are in charge and decide which information you want to share. Feel free to skip questions or sections.
What’s in for you?
After having completed the survey, we will be happy to send you our survey report once the results have been analyzed and processed. And: 1 lucky participant to this survey will receive 2 free tickets for the CiMi.CON Evolution or CiMi.CON Evolution USA. For pharmaceutical companies we also offer the opportunity to use the free tickets for entering the collocated events Pharma CiMi.CON and Pharma CiMi.CON USA.
Thank you for your participation – your input is highly appreciated!