Smart Process & Manufacturing Survey 2019

What are the challenges in the production sector in the next 12 Months? What are the biggest hurdles for companies implementing Industry 4.0? we.CONECT collected the insights of experts and decision makers from fields such as production, manufacturing, assembly, energy management, logistics and many more to find out about the latest trends and challenges in smart manufacturing. We condensed the shared challenges, trends and technologies into a survey report.

Survey Topics (Extract)

  • What is the implementation status of smart technologies and Industry 4.0?
  • What advantages / optimizations can be expected through Industry 4.0 / IIoT?*
  • Which topics will be most important in the next 12 Months?*
  • Which are the most important new skills executives need in the digital age?

Download the report by following the link below and find out how your company compares against industry standards.

The Rethink! SPMS Europe 2019 is the leading strategic Smart Manufacturing summit for production executives and plant managers to interactively discuss the future of smart factories, advanced production strategies, factory automation, organizational change, data management, predictive maintenance, robotics, cost reduction, lean & operational excellence, Industry 4.0 and Workforce 4.0. Innovative technologies, as well as trends on current projects, strategic thinking and latest developments in the field of Smart Manufacturing will be discussed throughout 2 ½ days of interactive and intensive best practice sharing.

Visit our event website to learn more about the agenda, our 30+ speakers and all the interactive formats, designed to help our delegates network and exchange knowledge.